To Walk on Water…


….. first you have to step out of the boat!

You have a lot of time to reflect when sailing across an ocean. During a couple of days of stormy weather, one remembers Jesus calming the waters and a prayer for calm does not go amiss. In quieter seas, the mind turned to Jesus inviting his apostle to join him walking on the water as a test of faith.

How would you fare? Would you have the faith to step off the boat?

It is probably even more difficult to do so from a modern well-found boat with all the safety gear and twenty-first century ‘logic’ influencing the mind. And that is a fair reflection across a wider spectrum, for it is our innate conviction of ‘knowledge’ and self-reliance that makes that commitment all the more challenging. When you have nothing, there is little to risk.

Most of us have so much more to distract/restrain us….

Could/would you step off the boat?