The Footsteps blog is about the journey I am on in faith. I almost hesitate to describe it as ‘my’ journey as so much has been made possible for me. It is a simple story, and has a basis in an everyday tale that could belong to so many. By hard work, we (my wife and me) had so far enjoyed a good life with a house and many material goods to our name. Living in a small village, we attended church regularly and regarded ourselves as Christians. And yet how little we knew………

This blog is separated into parts, Before, The Change and Since.

The Since is ongoing, and it is in the hope that the continuing experiences and questions that might just help another that drive this writing. One observation made several years ago is that people, especially men, rarely find it easy to talk about faith and do not often get the opportunity. Having thought about this for a while (and done nothing), an overwhelming urge came on me to do so after a wonderful experience, so here it is!

For the curious and the dismissive, I pray you will find some nuggets or links here that make you want to ask yourself questions. To those who are happy to add their own experiences, I so look forward to hearing from you.


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