A blanket of fog over the water

A blanket of fog over the water

Life before?

Where does one start?

‘Before’ encompasses more decades than one likes to admit to, and the one wish in writing this all out is not to talk about me, but about ‘Him’. So over the next few posts, let us try to see what sort of material God chose to make an example of.

To set the scene, take a career in one of the established professions that involved staring at the bottom, and working the way up.¬†Outside work, life revolved around ‘doing’ things rather than keeping up with trends or the Jones’s, and holidays were activity-based rather than beach. Of course there were setbacks, and challenges like redundancy, etc, but we always somehow came through ok.

From the start of our marriage, the typical youngster’s atheistic views gradually faded with age and experience of life until I believed in God. Not a well-defined belief, nor one founded on any knowledge of the scriptures, but some years after moving into a small Midlands village, we started attending the local church. The Change came more than 20 years later.

To get a sense of how profound it was, some self-examination is needed. The aim is to keep this as short as possible, not in any attempt to duck uncomfortable truths, but so as to get to the more important stuff without delay!

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