Do you show your faith?

A visit to Dominica is a bit of an eye-opener for the average European. Only the most unsighted person could fail to see the Christian messages around them. Most of the local transport minibuses carry stickers on the windows or sides proclaiming Jesus or God.


Now this could be just a reflection on local driving standards, let’s face it, neither the roads nor the driving is perfect, but it is much deeper than that.

The Church Wall & the 'JC Power Wash' ad

The Church Wall & the ‘JC Power Wash’ ad

Sundays bring out the faithful. There are numerous churches of all flavours, and the people mainly turn up smartly dressed. Churches are frequently filled to overflowing, with open windows and doors. The Anglican Church we eventually were directed to had a lively service, with a heartfelt sermon on the beatitudes.

By contrast, passing the Christian Union Church, the sermon was just starting, easily heard from the street. This was much more fire and brimstone, but in truth, we

lost the plot after 10 minutes…….

Visiting other churches takes you away from the familiar, and is a great source of joy. Have you tried it recently?