Having supper with some inspirational friends a few nights ago, the discussion came round to the subject of God’s gifts to us as individuals. The context was that Jesus commissioned his followers to ‘do as he did’, ie, to perform the signs and wonders in His name, to the glory of God, that others would see and believe.

Now this does tend to fly in a different direction to the expectations set by the principal Christian faiths, but these miracles did not simply cease with our Lord’s ascension. Search and you will discover that they continue today, evidencing that Jesus is by our side, here, now, today, and so His commission stands just as valid today as it did 2,000 years ago.

He also instructed us to ask, and it will be given. So the onus is on us to have faith, and ask for His gifts of the Spirit.

Back to our supper, Neil posed the thought about passing to the next world, and being greeted at the entrance. Before being judged, a door to one side is slightly opened, revealing a pile of gift-wrapped packages. “What are those parcels that you are showing me?”,one would naturally ask.

“Those are the gifts that were waiting for you, but you never asked for them” comes the response.

The story deeply resonated with me, for yet again it emphasised the difference between active and passive faith.

So thank you dear friends, Neil and Eleanor, for helping to expand our horizons and for reminding us how much there is to be asked for. It is so easy to just feel inadequate to challenges, but we need the courage to step out, knowing that He will give us the tools for whatever He asks us to do.

So I beg you to search your heart, and have the courage to ask for the spiritual gifts that are there waiting for you.

Thank you Dear Lord


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