Now here is a controversial thought……

The Bible is pretty clear on the subject of giving. No, not the dropping of the smallest coin you have into the collection basket on Sunday! Let us be more direct, there is no ducking the issue of tithing, the principle of giving 10% of your income away, usual taken to mean that the church should be the recipient. Whether or how much you give is a matter for you alone, but here is a question.

What is that money used for? Sadly, all too often it is used up in the upkeep of the church buildings, particularly the older ones. It leaves little for ‘mission’, the process of reaching out to spread the Word in our communities and help others to faith. Ok, that should not need major investment, until for instance, it comes to bringing in children’s teachers or youth leaders.

But have you ever thought of spreading your giving between Mission and Maintenance? Does your church have separate accounts for this? No?

How about asking your church leaders for such a facility, and shaking up the status quo a bit?