Disciple, follower or ?

Most people when asked will profess to a faith, but statistics suggest theirs must be a passive one, given low levels of attendance in developed countries. 

But Christians have a further challenge beyond ‘attendance’, (ok, that has just turned away many potential readers), in that Jesus very specifically laid down what defined his disciples and followers. In Matthew 10 and Mark 16, the Commission was to go out and tell the world, and to deliver his signs and wonders.

It does not make comfortable reading as there was no room for wriggling. One either does it, or one does not. No room for ‘attendees’, ouch!

So what are you going to do, really get involved, or just hope….?

2 thoughts on “Disciple, follower or ?

  1. How’s life, Steve.
    Haven’t looked at your other blog for a while, until today.Your last entry was from South Africa, in August?
    It’s been a funny year for me, an Annus Horribilis in some ways, starting with a stroke at the end of January. I was only fully off work for 4 weeks and running half of a half marathon at the start of May.
    Lots of other stuff too, but my faith has grown stronger this year & was grateful for the support of friends in those first few weeks & months after the stroke. Some came round & went for walks with me when I was off- including one Mr RD Young.
    Have increased my involvement in my church this year, as I have slightly throttled back on working life.
    All the best to you & Ann-Marie- keep in touch

    • Hi Andy.
      I am really sorry to hear of your health problem, and very glad that you are getting over it. We too have had our little challenges on the health front, and are both recovering from hospital spells. No matter, we have had some amazing faith experiences and try to make a difference in a small way here in a very problem ridden society. We will be back in the UK briefly in a couple of weeks time, and I will try to give you a call then.

      Give my regards to RDY. I have fallen out of touch and have no contact details for him now.
      Kind regards

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