What are you?


Is it not more than a little ironic that we are asked about which religion do we belong to, rather than which faith? Which twig rather than which tree?

For does not dividing ourselves into ‘sects’ undermine the tenet of being ‘one body’ in Christ? This week the thought occurred that the more prescriptive we get about how we should worship and conform, the closer we get to becoming the ‘Scribes and Pharisees’ of the New Testament.

Which all serves to remind that it is our own very personal relationship with Christ that is so critical, not mere attendance at the church of your choice. How about doing some internet research, starting with the meaning behind Mark 16, verses 17-20. What were we tasked with, and what are we doing?

As ever, there is so much more for us if we ask. Have you asked?

The God of Abraham

A group of men seek to establish a religious state, with a barbaric sweep of ethnic cleansing. In the name of (their interpretation of) Islam, Christians are forced to flee, convert or be murdered. Not so very far away, another religious group engages in a near genocidal assault on men women and children of another faith, albeit provoked by an infinitely less effective continuing firing of homemade rockets.

The saddest aspect of all of this tragic slaughter is that all these groups believe in the same God of our forefather, Abraham. When the day comes that each of those engaged in the slaughter of their neighbours is set before God to be judged, do they think the Almighty will be impressed by their explanation for their actions?

Sadly man’s ability to create a bespoke religious interpretation that justifies his own actions continues undiminished.