At the Alpha evening that week, there was a realisation that there had been so much missing from church experience to date, and without having had any intention of saying anything, my tongue escaped from the brain’s control. I knew that the traditional Sunday service would never be enough again.

Having inadvertently challenged my good friend David Lake, our Minister, who was sat next to me, abrupt apologies were made only for them to be swept aside. David is a passionate servant and preacher for Our Lord, and is a great mentor. He only offers guidance and encouragement, even in such situations.


Shortly after getting into bed that night, He hit me with huge energy, making my body ripple with it for hours. It was an incredible sensation, feeling as if anything you touched would be changed for ever. Needless to say that it woke my wife, who then witnessed the change happening.

The morning after was like walking on air, and so much had changed.

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