A Nomadic Existence

camel rider

With hope and a future restored to us, (a drastic summary), our lives were then changed radically a year ago thanks to Our Lord. Having spent many years in corporate life, mostly in London for the last 12 years, He provided both the means and the incentive to change this. One day talking to one of our sailing friends about our rapidly declining enjoyment of work (again, no coincidence as to the timing!), he asked what was holding us back from just taking off travelling by boat. The reply was that it would take a certain sum of money to activate our ‘pension’.

The following day, we received a letter from a former employer of my wife telling us that they would pay almost exactly that same sum if we did ‘xyz’. Needless to say that we did so, albeit that it took a year to take full effect. Coincidence? Not in our book!!! More on these coincidences later…. Again, thank you Lord so very much.

So it was soon time to look at handing in notice and abandon the 2 hour commute. Before doing so, He had another surprise for us, in that there was the chance to go and help with a project in South Africa for a 6 months, and there was a good financial incentive to do so.

So 2013 has been a year of much travel, with many surprises and openings of faith. For some of us, it is not too evident as to what we are being led to do, but we just trust Him to lead us. It would be stretching imagination to think that all the chance meetings are just that. Recently, there has been an even more strong urge to share some of the experiences, hence this blog.

Having established credentials, now to more interesting stuff!

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